Experts and Affiliates

Rosewin Holdings PLC uses a Global network of trusted Experts & Affiliates to help make the best informed decisions for acquiring assets for our company and clients.

A Wealth of Experience

Coming from all over the world, our experts and affiliates share a wealth of experience in all areas of alternative assets including fine art, antiques and collectibles, property, land, wine, whisky, classic cars and moutai from China. With many years of dedicated work in their chosen field, their collective knowledge is invaluable to us. Today’s digital world allows us to connect effortlessly and create direct partnerships with those who are incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about the assets we continue to acquire for Rosewin Holdings.

Assets and Opportunities

From a classic car expert in Surrey to a furniture restorer in Paris, we are constantly connecting with and building one of the most experienced and diverse databases of industry talent to call upon as and when required. Whether it’s helping us gain access to the primary art market, advice on a particular wine or antique, or providing information on upcoming opportunities in auctions and fairs, we understand we are only as good as those we work with..

Proving their Worth

There are no boundaries to where we will seek to acquire items for Rosewin’s collection.  We may consider a sculpture from a dealer in Tehran, a piece from a contemporary artist in Caracas, or a rare bottle of baijiu from Guizhou Province. Opportunities exist everywhere, and our experts and affiliates can provide priceless local knowledge in emerging markets as well as assistance in understanding laws, certificates of authentication, and the practicalities of logistics and storage. In these regions, our experts and affiliates can really prove their worth in helping us to capitalise on the countless opportunities which exist.

Our Growth and Future

Finally, building these relationships is an exciting part of our business and one that we see as essential for our growth and future success. Rest assured that our network of experts will continue expanding as we endeavour to elevate and diversify our collection.

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Cask World

Our newest division, gives investors and collectors the chance to benefit from the relationships we have developed with leading new world whisky distilleries, by offering them the chance to invest in casks of premium and highly limited single malt