Our Assets & Collections


Carefully selected artworks which show the potential for strong appreciation in value.

Focusing on casks from the most sought-after distilleries around the world.

High-grade antiques and collectibles which can realise staggering returns.

Classic Cars

Highly-desirable vehicles in this compelling asset class.


Fine rare wine from the best global vineyards always perform well.


Bottles of the signature Chinese spirit have the potential to skyrocket in value.


Ownership shows an annual income as well as capital growth.


Limited supply coupled with ever-increasing demand make this an important asset class.

Precious Metals

Gold and silver bullion has long been the global fall back, hedging against currency, inflationary, and geopolitical risks.
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Cask World

Our newest division, gives investors and collectors the chance to benefit from the relationships we have developed with leading new world whisky distilleries, by offering them the chance to invest in casks of premium and highly limited single malt