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Alternative Assets offer great diversification in a portfolio. To know how you can be part of our vision sign up today for the latest news and updates. You can see our latest news and updates through Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram.

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Mission Statement

By merging our capital together, we purchase alternative assets at a fair price  with the intention of selling at a profit to increase the company’s value and pay out dividends to shareholders.


Assets We Invest in

We invest in various categories of alternative assets, but we will always consider adding other types of assets to our portfolio should they meet the Rosewin Standard.

Fine Art

We choose pieces of art that are likely to increase in value over time.


Diversify your portfolio. Returns on some of our antiques have been staggering.


We see more and more reasons to put at least some of our personal wealth into collectibles.


We invest in bottles, casks and distilleries as whisky continues to appreciate substantially.

Classic Cars

Classic cars remain a compelling alternative asset class.


Through our Chinese connections, we collect and source authentic bottles with the potential to skyrocket in value.


We focus on the physical acquisition of fine rare wine and equity funding for family operated vineyards.

Land & Property

Fractional Land and property ownership shows us both an annual income and the potential for capital growth.

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Cask World

Our newest division, gives investors and collectors the chance to benefit from the relationships we have developed with leading new world whisky distilleries, by offering them the chance to invest in casks of premium and highly limited single malt